Interflow have a range of innovative products to suit a variety of applications and sector requirements:

DOYMA Service Duct Sealing System

Wherever service ducts are installed through walls, ceilings or floors, penetrating water, other liquids or humidity may cause damage to buildings, DOYMA sealing systems ensure professional and perfect sealing, thus presenting excellent preventative measures against structural damage.

The very best in German engineering is used to seal penetration points at the wall to permanently prevent any infiltration of gases and water into the building

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plasmaNorm air purification systems

A healthier environment is a more comfortable and productive one and plasmaNorm allows you to eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, odours and pollutants efficiently and cost effectively whilst providing a low maintenance solution.

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GIF ActiveVent ventilated ceilings

GIF ActiveVent has led the way in creating optimum conditions across the world.

The product range also includes:

  • UV-C(lean)
  • Flat System Ceiling
  • Jet Stream extractor

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Basika Floor Drainage & Grease Separators

Basika floor drainage channels and grease separators lead the way in hygienic disposal within the food processing, leisure and marine sectors.
The installation of Basika grease interceptors prevents blockages and their associated health hazards, also saving operators the costs of clearing such blockages. The drainage channels provide the hardest wearing, most hygienic solution for capturing waste and spills.

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