plasmaNorm smoKiller

The most powerful weapon against smoke and odours.

High-efficiency air cleaner for smoking rooms and cigar lounges


The plasmaNorm® smoKiller was designed to purify recirculating air polluted with cigarette smoke in restaurants and public buildings. In the process, it also removes other smells; even pollen, dust, pores and viruses are safely eliminated as the air passes through the different filter stages. It is particularly suitable for smoking rooms with a volume between 45 and 150 m3 without the need for separate, dedicated duct runs.

The plasmaNorm® convection process cleans and purifies the polluted air and returns it directly into the room, thereby eliminating heat losses resulting from exhausting to atmosphere. smoKiller makes a major contribution to the energy efficiency of the building.


smoKiller is specifically designed for use in smoking rooms where it is not possible to install a separate ventilation system.

smoKiller offers:

  • smoke-free indoor environment
  • clean air
  • absence of odour
  • no residual contamination of clothing
  • optimum protection against germs and bacteria harmful to health
  • highest energy efficiency



smoKiller is flexible – it can be rolled anywhere on its integral castors and only requires plugging into a 240V power supply.

The hush-run radial fan can be operated at various speed ratings. The hydroSorp® prefilter is washable – washing machine setting @ c 65°C regenerates the filter efficiency. The ionCollect electro filter can also be cleaned so that maintenance and running costs are minimal whilst continuous performance is guaranteed.

plasmaNorm® technology is tried and tested in restaurants, hospitality venues, hospitals and in the food processing industry.

How the plasmaNorm® technology works:

Dust particles are filtered and pollutant gases oxidized by “cold combustion” in the atmospheric-pressure plasma process.

Odour molecules are prepared on an atomic level and decompose. Unburned compounds are trapped in the activated carbon storage which is continuously regenerated by the plasma stream and, therefore, has a particularly long service life. End-products are oxygen, humidity and CO2.

Patented technology developed together with INP Greifswald (Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology).

smoKiller pN 1.500

Max. airflow 1.500 m3/h /ca. 250 Pa ext.
Weight 100 kg
Power connection ca.0,48KW 2,4A ~230V 50Hz
Sound level ca.50dB
  1. hydroSorp aerosol separator1x 25x575x520
  2. plasmaNorm stainless steel-electrodes 3x pN-Zellen
  3. centrifical fan
  4. activated carbon storage
  5. encasement stainless steel

plasmaNorm smoKiller

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plasmaNorm smoKiller

Technical Details:
Dimensions: 700 W x 650 D x 1700 H (mm)
Air flow: 1,500 m3/h – 3,000 m3/h
Weight: 200 kg
Power consumption: c 0.6 KW, 3A, 230V 50Hz
Sound level: c 50 dB