plasmaNorm mini powerClean

Mobile or fixed module for cleaning extractor hoods, air exhaust ducts and installations etc.



The mini powerClean* (pC) is used in food production facilities (canteen kitchens, fast food restaurants, industrial food production etc). The mini pC* washing and agitation unit can be universally applied to any extractor hoods, air ducts, ventilation components such as reusable metal filters, heat exchangers and complete installations that can be cleaned with liquid.


The mini pC* module is principally a water agitation system with or without the addition of appropriate cleaning agents. The agitation plant requires pre-spraying or rinsing in or on the equipment, and subsequent dirt traps and water drainage plant, either planned into the system (as in diverse plasmaNorm systems products) or to be added.

If there is no rinsing water return facility, the washing water can be used for only one cycle.

The mini pC* module comprises a tank with a heater. The washing water is driven by a pump to the washer system (rotating paddle or jet washers). Integrated programmable wash controls can be set for specific operating requirements. Cleaning agents are added by a dosage pump.

The mini pC* module for food production is made almost entirely of stainless steel. The tank has a ‘free intake’ – the highest safety level against contamination according to the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water.

Cleaning and servicing

The mini pC* module must be serviced every 2,000 operating hours or at least once a year.


From washing must be disposed of correctly e.g., those from food production to the wastewater grease separator. The basic unit itself is almost completely recyclable.

Combination of the plasmaNorm systems mini pC* with other products – recondAir, plasmaNorm® and cycloStream – ensures low-maintenance, self-cleaning exhaust air filter systems, with optional heat recovery.

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plasmaNorm mini powerClean

mini pC mobile washing unit, in stainless steel casing

mini pC mobile washing unit, open with tank, pressure pump, cleaning liquid tank, etc.

Technical specification:
Material, housing, frame, tank (according to requirements): stainless steel / galva- nised steel / aluminium / plastic
Rinsing water consumption: approx. 10-40 l/day
Hot water connection: 1.i2”
Rinsing water connection: 1”
Washing water return: DN50
Washing water tank: up to 60 l
Electrical connection: approx. 5kW / 400 V / 50 Hz
Heating capacity: approx. 3kW
Unit up to (m3/h) max. pressure dimensions weight (kg)
mini pC 4.2 7 bar H x B x L (mm) 900 x 270 x 900 approx. 70

Other sizes on request