plasmaNorm hydroSorp

Active high-capacity sorption separator for aerosols and small droplets, based on hydro compounds, emulsions and other particulates. For exhaust air from thermal food processing etc. Acts as a pre-filter for activated carbon etc.


This high-performance sorption separator is a pre-filter working efficiently to pro- tect active carbon systems or odour reduction units from particulates or aerosols. hydroSorp acts as a guard to prevent surface contact of filter media with drop- lets of fat, water and emulsions of the smallest kind. Thus, filter change intervals are extended significantly.

In case of cold oxidation techniques, proper functioning is aided with hydroSorp. Pipes, ducts, heat exchangers and fans are kept fat- and particulate-free and corrosion is measurably reduced.


Patented in Europe, hydroSorp comprises a very high grade, closed cell ester foam, which is subjected to a special thermal treatment to create a micro-pore internal cell structure. This structure guarantees fast capillary drainage of adsorbed fluids whilst preventing them passing right through the separator.


The hydroSorp separator can be regenerated up to 100%. The material is washable in a standard washing machine with 60° centigrade and non-perfumed detergent. The cleaner the material is kept the longer its life cycle.


Residuals of the filtering and washing process are to be dis- posed of according to the rules and regulations of country of operation. hydroSorp itself is commonly disposed of in general waste.

Washing instructions

Active high-capacity sorption separator for aerosols and small droplets, based on hydro compounds, emulsions and other particulates.



Patented in Europe, hydroSorp consists of an high quality ester foam. This sponge-like material can be regenerated up to 100% simply by washing.


To handle hydroSorp properly, first remove it from its two-part stainless steel frame.

Wash hydroSorp in a washing machine at no more than 60° centigrade using a non-perfumed detergent. Do not tumble dry over 800 revs per min.

The regeneration/washing must be done on a regular basis at frequent intervals – as soon as dirt is visible on the surface. Rigid adherence to maintenance will extend the life-cycle and performance of hydroSorp enormously.

Caution: When employed in kitchen exhaust air, hydroSorp can accumulate large quantities of grease. This can lead to great wear and tear for the wash ing machine if hydroSorp is not washed regularly and frequently. In such cases the disintegration of hydroSorp and/or severe damage to the washing machine cannot be excluded (if in doubt always contact professional cleaning personnel or firm).

If hydroSorp shows signs of disintegration it must be replaced immediately. It is suggested to have spare units on hand.

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plasmaNorm hydroSorp

Technical data:
Filter material: high grade ester foam
2-part frame: stainless steel 304
Wire mesh, if any: stainless steel 304
Specific density: 32 kg/m3
Air flow velocity – max: 1,5 m/s
Initial pressure loss: 80 Pa
Temp – max: 60°C
Saturation point (theoretical): 12,5 kg/m3

Module m3/hContact surface H x B x L (mm) weight (kg)
AI-25 ca. 900 285 x 590 x 25 ca. 1,1
AII-25 ca. 1.500 490 x 590 x 25 ca. 2,1
AIII-25 ca. 1.800 590 x 590 x 25 ca. 2,4

Other sizes on request

plasmaNorm hydroSorp

hydroSorp inside the two-part stainless steel frame ready to operate

plasmaNorm hydroSorp

hydroSorp prior to removal from the two-part stainless steel frame