plasmaNorm cycloStream

Stainless steel extractor hoods: energy-efficient, quiet, hygienic, smooth surfaces, wide cleaning access, optional self-cleaning


cycloStream extractor hoods are used mainly in food production facilities, from kitchens through to fast food restaurants. Deposits that collect in the hood, such as condensation, grease, proteins etc. can be simply removed manually from the large, smooth surfaces through wide inspection openings.

cycloStream also reduces fire risks and release of smells to the open air (when regularly cleaned). The waterproof versions fitted with washing apparatus can be cleaned automatically and regularly. Effective aerodynamics of the extractor unit can make energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional extractor hoods and thus operation is quieter.


The cycloStream technology creates an air eddy in the hood that traps rising moisture and other substances efficiently.

These extractor hoods are exceptional for their simple (and if required very flat) construction, hygienic smooth surfaces and integrated lighting. They do not use filters. The airflow is channelled at high speed to separate out condensation and particles and deposit them inside the hood. cycloStream can be equipped with a rotational cleaning apparatus with jet spray heads (jet specifica- tions depend on the shape of the hood). A hot water supply and drain outlet are needed (see technical specifications). If the hood is cleaned automatically each day, experience has shown that very low concentrations of cleaning agents are needed.

The washing water temperature must be between 50 and 60°C and a hot water pressure of at least 3 bars at the jets.

Optional: minipowerClean, the washing system basic unit for washable hoods and extractor systems, can be added on later.

cycloStream hoods are available as wall, ceiling and bar-mounted models. Also highly suitable as a theatre cooking hood.


cycloStream extractor hoods are low maintenance when installed in kitchens. In other areas, the air composition must be ascertained before installation to avoid possible corrosion.


Condensation and washed-out substances are channelled to the waste water grease separator or purification plant; businesses need not install or maintain an additional disposal route.

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cycloStream wall-mounted hood with its service panel slightly opened

cycloStream central hood with self-cleaning system, heat recovery and lighting

cycloStream island hood, opened underneath to show heat recovery and cleaning technology

Technical specification:
Material, hood: AISI 304 stainless steel
Cleaning apparatus: copper, brass, aluminium, plastic (on-site provision) possibly stainless steel
Nozzle type: tongue nozzle, flat jet
Water temperature (on-site provision): 50-60°C
Water pressure, flowing (on-site provision): 3 bar
Water flow rate: 40 l / minute at 3 bar
Typical wash time: 1-2 x 1-2 m/day
Automatic cleaning: intermittent magnetic valve with various control functions
Module cS spray heads (self-cleaning model) dimensions L x B x H (mm) weight (kg)
1500 W 1 1.500 x 800 x 620/600 ca. 90
3000 M 4 3.000 x 1.800 x 620/600 ca. 290