plasmaNorm aereus®

High efficiency recirculating air cleaner for removal of smells and offensive odours; reduces energy costs, sterilises the air and removes germs.

aereus® has been developed for public spaces where cooking smells, body odours, bacteria, viruses or pollutants are problematic, such as care homes, hospitals, pubs, restaurants, cafés, food stores, toilets, cinemas, discos, reception and waiting rooms and smokers’ rooms. Unlike conventional extraction methods, the indoor air is completely cleaned and sterilised before being recirculated without any heat loss. Strong cooking (frying), stale beer and other obnoxious smells are, with aereus, a thing of the past, including smoke rooms – where still permitted!

aereus® removes particulates, including smoke, from the circulating air, and completely destroys germs, viruses and a wide range of odours. aereus® is made in Germany and fully guaranteed.

  • wholesome and healthy room atmosphere
  • clean, fresh air
  • guaranteed freedom from repugnant odours inc stale beer & cooking
  • no more lingering smells in clothes and hair
  • optimised protection from germs and harmful substances
  • highest energy efficiency rating

aereus® ensures long-term odour-free rooms, easy breathing and a fresh-air working environment, clean indoor air without unwholesome smells, particulates or solvents, protection against all germs and viruses.


aereus® is mounted on the ceiling, and its appearance can be freely adapted to blend in with room decor. Air circulating technology is optimised and, therefore, quiet – the system sound level is lost in ambient room noise. Air-throughput can be adjusted as necessary. All components are recyclable.

plasmaNorm® technology has been tested and found highly reliable in the catering and food industries. Capital investment, running and main- tenance costs are low, with no servicing or re- placement of expensive filters, while the pre- filter can be cleaned in an ordinary washing machine. Even better – the recirculating air system saves heating costs that quickly mount up with an extraction system.

How plasmaNorm® technology works:

Particulates and dust are pre-filtered, and harmful gases then oxidised in the ‘cold burn’ atmospheric-pressure plasma process. The odour molecules are dissociated from their atom structures. Compounds that are not oxidised are caught in an activated carbon filter. This is constantly renewed by the plasma current and is exceptionally long-lasting. The only end-products are oxygen, atmospheric moisture and CO2. The patented high-tech plasma process was developed in co-operation with the Institut für Niedertemperatur-Plasmaphysik in Greifswald, Germany.

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aereus® ensures a healthy and unpolluted atmosphere for all the family – cleaner than the outside air! It is the most efficient and reliable air cleaner available today.

Technical specifications:
Efficiency: optimal (odour-free guarantee)
Housing: stainless steel (various décor options available)
hydroSorp pre-filter: high-quality ester foam
Radial fan: quiet blower
Rated power: 115 – 580 W, Voltage: 230
Rated current: 0.82 - 4 A
Noise level: > 55 at rated load (Module I)
Rated air capacity: max. 3,900 m3/ h
Plasma performance: 3 KV, max. 20 VA, 230 V

Capacity I (up to 1,200 m3/h) 27.5 cm high, 64 cm wide, 64 cm deep
Weight: c. 18kg,
Capacity II 35 cm high, 78.5 cm wide, 7.85 cm deep
Weight: c. 26 kg,
Capacity III 40.5 cm high, 119 cm wide, 119 cm deep
Weight: c. 55 kg