plasmaNorm aereus® arco

Energy-saving air purifier for effective ventilation of internal spaces, elimination of smoke and smells, reduces heating costs, sterilises and sanitises the air you breathe.

aereus® arco, incorporating plasmaNorm’s patented plasmaNorm® process, was developed for care homes, hospitals, schools, domestic and commercial properties and venues, which are contaminated by such pollutants as smoke, smells, bacteria and viruses in homes, offices, waiting rooms, lavatories and small restaurants. Rather than exhausting the air to atmosphere – and with it the heat – the air is completely purified and recirculated.

aereus® arco clears the air of fine particulate, including smoke, and completely eliminates bacteria, viruses and a broad spectrum of molecular odours. Made in Germany, it’s guaranteed!

  • comfortable room atmosphere
  • healthy, clean air to breath
  • guaranteed odour free
  • optimum safety against bacteria and air-borne pollutants
  • maximum energy efficiency

aereus® arco 2

aereus® arco is the permanent solution for odour-free dwellings and offices, protection against mould spores and allergenic substances and safeguarding against the spread of bacterial and viral infections.


The most popular finishes are stainless steel and wood-effect; other finishes and designs are available. The airflow is aerodynamically optimised and is whisper-quiet in operation. aereus® arco is manufactured using recyclable materials.

plasmaNorm® technology is proven in restaurants, pubs, food and drinks processing, dwellings and care homes and is absolutely reliable. The low initial outlay makes it affordable from the outset; its low running cost and cheap maintenance (the filter is simply laundered in a domestic washing machine) make it the perfect, environmentally sustainable solution.

How plasmaNorm® technology works:

Particulates and dust are pre-filtered, and harmful gases then oxidised in the ‘cold burn’ atmospheric-pressure plasma process. The odour mole- cules are dissociated from their atom structures. Compounds that are not oxidised are caught in an activated carbon filter. This is constantly renewed by the plasma current and is exceptionally long-lasting. The only end-products are oxygen, atmospheric moisture and CO2. The patented high-tech plasma process was developed in co-operation with the Institut für Niedertemperatur-Plasmaphysik in Greifswald, Germany.

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plasmaNorm aereus® arco

Technical data:
Efficiency: guaranteed to eliminate odours
Housing: Stainless steel or coated aluminium
hydroSorp filter: Ester closed-cell foam
Frame: Aluminium
Fan: Silent running
Power: 150 W at max load
Voltage: 230 V
Current: 0.66 A at max load
Sound level: < 55 dBA at max load
Plasma power: 2 x 1.2 KV, max. 20 VA, 230 V
Height: 65 cm
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Weight: . 12 kg (mounted on castors)
Airflow: 4-speed fan treating from 150 m3/hr to 600 m3/hr