Offices designed to encourage new businesses benefits from Interflow expertise

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The R7 office development that forms part of the massive King’s Cross regeneration project in London aims to encourage new businesses and help small companies to grow. With the emphasis firmly on innovation at R7, it is fitting that a range of Interflow’s solutions were chosen for the project.

Interflow is the UK distributor and installer of a specialist range of products for the built environment, designed to enhance, add value and increase sustainability across commercial and public sectors, thereby helping customers save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The company’s extensive range of solutions are the first choice for developers and specifiers across the UK and a selection of DOYMA products were specified for the R7 scheme.

DOYMA pipe sealing systems prevent structural damage. Wherever service ducts are installed through walls, ceilings or floors, penetrating water, other liquids or humidity may cause damage to buildings; DOYMA duct sealing systems ensure professional and perfect sealing, thus presenting excellent preventative measures against structural damage.

The very best in German engineering is used to seal penetration points in walls and floors to permanently prevent any infiltration of gases and water into the building, and the DOYMA products are guaranteed for 25 years.

Pipes and cables from and into buildings could be compared to the arteries and veins in our body. Building owners insist on the installation of DOYMA sealing systems for pipes and cables because they can save themselves a lot of problems; lack of attention to the points of entry of pipes and cables into the building can have serious consequences: damp cellars, equipment and contents damaged by water ingress and high repair costs.

Contractor Mitchellson Formwork opted for the DOYMA Curaflex pipe sleeve – 3000 and 3000T – as well as the 3001 DOYMA Curaflex pipe sleeve. Also specified was the DOYMA Curaflex 5000 pipe sleeve system.

Benefits of the 3000 and 3000/T solutions include homogeneous connection to concrete enhanced by special grooving, plus the inside face of the sleeve provides an optimum contact surface for the elastomer of the Curaflex gasket insert. It forms a watertight bond with the concrete because the coefficient of expansion of the material corresponds to that of concrete and is ideal for buildings without tanking membranes.

The DOYMA Curaflex 3000 and 3001 pipe sleeves are manufactured from a dimensionally stable and resistant special fibrous cement; /T denotes split version for retrofitting around pre-installed services which can then be sealed using a split gasket. The capability to seal leaking service entries without having the inconvenience of disrupting continuity of service resulting from service disconnection is a real advantage.