plasmaNorm manufacture air purification and de-greasing systems for leisure venues, catering and industrial processing operations.

plasmaNorm® technology has been tested and found to be highly reliable in the catering and food industry. Capital investment, running and maintenance costs are low, with no servicing or replacement of expensive filters, while the pre-filter can be washed in the laundry washing machine. Even better – the recirculating air system saves heating costs that quickly mount up with an extraction system.

How it works:
Particulates and dust are pre-filtered, and harmful gases then oxidised in the ‘cold burn’ atmospheric-pressure plasma process. The odour molecules are disassociated from their atom structures. Compounds that are not oxidised are caught in an activated carbon filter. This is constantly renewed by the plasma current and is exceptionally long lasting. The only end products are oxygen, atmospheric moisture and CO2.

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plasmaNorm overview

Self-cleaning, grease- and odourless exhaust air equipment for kitchens and enclosed public spaces.

Purified kitchen exhaust air through self-cleaning – reduces your costs dramatically Guaranteed odour removal with professional *plasmaNorm® technology for extracted and indoor air increases the performance and efficiency of your enterprise.

plasmaNorm state-of-the-art extractor hood design plasmaNorm cycloStream* – refined to perfection

Sophisticated aerodynamics for airflow and odour extinction technology, quiet and energy-efficient, smooth and clear inner and outer surfaces for easy manual clean- ing, no filter inserts, patented with optional self-cleaning of the exhaust section of the hood.

Applications: as simple extraction hood, extraction hood with make-up air and recirculating air hood Hood types: wall, ceiling, island, bar, grill, theatre cooking, condensation and special designs on request
Hood types: wall, ceiling, island, bar, grill, theatre cooking, condensation and special designs on request
Options: lighting, self-cleaning, heat recovery, odour stripping Applied plasmaNorm know-how – working for you!

Applied plasmaNorm know-how – working for you!

Cooperation with the Institut für Niedertemperatur – Plasmaphysik in Greifswald, Germany has brought a technology to series production which breaks down and oxidises odours, viruses, spores, bacteria and many other gaseous pollutants with an effectiveness previously thought impossible but which has already proved itself in kitchen, catering and industrial applications.
The patented process comprises a pre-filter, a plasma generator and a storage reactor where filter and plasma-chemical dissociation and oxidation reactions occur.

plasmaNorm® is successfully used for odour removal, sterilisation, removing germs and cleaning indoor air e.g. of tobacco smoke. The technology is highly effective, economical to run, energy efficient and low maintenance – it makes business sense on all counts.

* see separate data sheets

plasmaNorm®: high tech made in Germany by plasmaNorm

plasmaNorm® – Exhaust air treatment

Airflow 1.500 – 60.000 (m /h)

1: Pre-filter
hydroSorp® – High efficiency aerosolate separator
Micro-porous ester foam washable filter separates finest particulate droplets from gaseous emissions.

2: plasmaNorm®
electrodes with HS Trafo
Generates atmospheric plasma for plasma- chemical dissociation of gaseous organic carbon compounds.

3: Fan
State of the art, whisper-quiet radial fan.

4: Activated carbon storage
Activated carbon combines with catalytic plasma properties to regenerate itself and have indefinite life.

cycloStream wall-mounted hood with its service panel slightly opened

cycloStream central hood with self-cleaning system, heat recovery and lighting

cycloStream central hood, opened from below to show heat recovery and cleaning systems

A plasmaNorm® installation for c. 5,000 m3 kitchen air extraction per hour. Left, the yellow hydroSorp pre-filter; the fan, centre, drives pre-cleansed air through the plasma electrodes (green rings). Unoxidised molecules are caught in the activated carbon filter (black tube) where they react with oxygen. End products leaving the activated carbon filter are oxygen, carbon dioxide and atmospheric moisture.

plasmaNorm®-compact for 2.000 m3/h kitchen exhaust air – other solutions available to suit different requirements.

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