Pipe Flange

The original

In the early 1980s, FRANK developed and patented the puddle flange, a sealing system in use today in millions of buildings and structures all over the world. FRANK – the original puddle flange.

FRANK puddle flanges, suitable for all standard pipes in steel, plastic, stoneware, concrete and cast iron from d 20 to d 3200, have been specifically designed for the pressure-tight installation of pipes through concrete walls, foundation plates and manholes. FRANK puddle flanges are pressure-tight up to 10 bar, preventing the ingress of pressurised water, diffusing media such as gases (e.g. radon) and hydrocarbons (e.g. oil, petrol). The FRANK puddle flange is an extremely flexible product available in a range of versions, it is the easy-to-install, perfect solution for any application and is the cost effective alternative to conventional sealing systems.


Quick and easy

Installing a FRANK puddle flange takes only a few minutes.

The puddle flange is manually fitted over the pipe and secured with the supplied clamping bands as described in the installation instructions. A screwdriver can be used to install the clamping band on pipes of up to 315 mm diameter, for larger pipes use a clamping tool.

FRANK puddle flanges are not designed to serve as anchor points for pipes. For strong PE or PP wall ducts, FRANK offers special sections with single-side or double-side flanges.

Now with Easy-Lock function
Our puddle flange installation kits ( d 20 to d 315) now come with an Easy-Lock function that allows for even faster installation on the pipe.


Radon-tight FRANK puddles flanges (orange)

Protection against radioactive gas

Radon-resistant, gas-tight puddle flanges from FRANK

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and comes from the natural radioactive decay of uranium and thorium. These metals occur naturally in bedrock and the release of radon therefore depends on the local geology. You cannot see, smell or taste radon.

The radon gas diffuses through the soil and is released into the atmosphere where it is found in very small concentrations; it is not, therefore, a problem outside buildings. The gas can however enter buildings, for example through cracks and joints, defective foundation plates in the basement or the ground floor, or along cable and pipe ducts. In this case, the radon concentration builds up gradually, often exceeding the limit values recommended by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. Sound foundations, solid constructions and special ventilation measures help keep the radon concentration in buildings low.

When installing pipe and cable conduits to pass through building walls and floors, we recommend using the special orange FRANK puddle flanges which are tested for radon-tightness.

Protection against radioactive gas

Pressure-tight up to 10 bar!

Safe and versatile

Externally tested and certified
The independent testing institute Materialprüfanstalt MFPA Leipzig GmbH has tested the pressure-tightness and sealing capability of FRANK puddle flanges. Depending on the diameter, FRANK puddle flanges are proven to be tight up to pressures between 8 and 10 bar.

FRANK puddle flanges made in EPDM

EPDM is chemically resistant to a wide range of acids and bases. It also offers outstanding weather and ozone resistance. For applications involving oil and petrol environments, FRANK puddle flanges made in NBR are the recommended option.

Density 1,030 kg /m³
Shore hardness 40° Sh + 3
Tensile strength 10 N/mm²
Elongation at fracture 750 %
Tear propagation strength 3.9 N/mm²
Temperature resistance -50….+140 °C
Deformation under pressure (72 h, 70 °C) 32 %

Choosing the right pipe FRANK products for all applications
The FRANK puddle flange can be installed on any type of pipe material, from plastic, steel and stoneware to concrete, cast iron, fibre cement or GRP. FRANK puddle flanges are available for all conventional outside diameters.

Materialprüfanstalt<br /><br /> MFPA Leipzig GmbH
FRANK puddle flange test certificate: watertight to 10 bar

Successfully installed 1.5 million
times throughout the world

Examples of applications

Swimming pool drain pipes in walls and floor plates
Pre-fabricated wall penetration sleeve with flange connectors on both sides for easy installation into formwork
Floor drain in industrial building
FRANK puddle flange made in oil- and petrol-resistant NBR at a filling station
Service ducts for water supply and drain pipes
Integration of pipes of any outside diameter into concrete manholes