Service Duct Sealing Systems for Pipes & Cables

Doyma Pipe Sealing SystemsDoyma Pipe SealingDoyma Pipe SealingDoyma Pipe SealingDoyma Pipe SealingDoyma Pipe SealingDoyma Pipe Sealing

DOYMA pipe sealing systems, preventing structural damage

Wherever service ducts are installed through walls, ceilings or floors, penetrating water, other liquids or humidity may cause damage to buildings, DOYMA duct sealing systems ensure professional and perfect pipe sealing, thus presenting excellent preventative measures against structural damage.

The very best in German engineering is used to seal penetration points at the wall to permanently prevent any infiltration of gases and water into the building, and the DOYMA duct sealing systems are guaranteed for 25 years.

With over 40 years experience in the business, we have a range of products to suit all situations for power cables, communications cables, pipes and ducts, or district heating pipes.

All too often the focus of attention is restricted to the function of the water, gas, electricity or data supply. Little attention is given to the sealing and housing of pipes and cables passing through walls and ceilings until it is too late and structural damage has already occurred.

 International projects



Pipes and cables from and into buildings could be compared to the arteries and veins in our body. Building owners insisting on the installation of DOYMA duct sealing systems for pipes and cables because it can save themselves a lot of problems; lack of attention to the points of entry of pipes and cables into the building can have serious results: damp cellars, equipment damaged by water ingress and high repair costs. However, it is gradually becoming part of good practice to include sealing systems in standard specifications for buildings.

Selection of buildings where DOYMA pipe sealing products have been used:

  • Ministry of Defence, London, Great Britain
  • Sunflower Tower, Peking, China
  • Breitling Watches, Switzerland

Power plants

Electricity is now everywhere. Reliability of supply is the top priority of power station operators. Therefore it is no surprise that DOYMA is chosen to provide the sealing system for the entry points of pipes and cables. Our pipe and cable entry point sealing systems for supply and waste pipes are supplied to customers worldwide.

Selection of power plants where DOYMA products have been used:

  • Power Station Bern, Switzerland
  • Jebel Ali Power Plant, Dubai
  • Oslo Energi, Norway
  • Gas Separating Plant, Shlobin, Belarus


Airports are an important link in the worldwide transport system for people and goods. Airport buildings are available 24 hours a day to facilitate the necessary services associated with air travel – a fact we have come to take for granted. But fault-free operation is only possible when the entry points of all pipes and cables into the buildings are reliably and durably sealed to prevent moisture ingress. DOYMA sealing systems have been installed in numerous international airports and thus contribute to securing a smooth flow of passenger and goods transport.

Selection of airports where DOYMA products have been used:

  • Heathrow, London
  • Schiphol, Amsterdam
  • Zurich, Switzerland

Whether special design or serial production: We cherish precision.

Extreme dimensional accuracy, constantly high and consistent quality level provide reliable functioning of DOYMA precision products. The entire production process is geared towards that.

Constantly available serial products on stock are produced in line with these principles in the same way as customised component special designs.

“Computer Integrated Manufacturing“ (CIM) networks production as early as the construction phase making the manufacture extremely fast and efficient. Thanks to CIM, the construction department at DOYMA is very closely connected to production. The construction data is fed directly into the corresponding CNC machine. The accurately sized components of our products are immediately ready for final assembly.

Our staff very efficiently execute the technical order processing, the commissioning, the manufacturing, the packaging and loading of the products in time at all. 80 % of all orders leave our premises on the same day. Technically demanding special designs are in most cases completed within five working days.

DOYMA production know-how includes metal, plastic, elastomer and fibre cement processing to water jet cutting units, precision turning machines, special rubber-cutting machines and laser cutting-off equipment. In final assembly, we configure complex units to the finished product.

The DOYMA machinery includes:

  • Laser cutting-off equipment with fibre technology
  • CNC machines for milling, turning and welding; bolt-cutting equipment
  • MIG/MAG and WIG welding machines
  • Circular welding tables
  • Water jet cutting equipment

For more information on DOYMA’s pipe sealing systems including pipe sleeves and gaskets, contact Interflow UK today.