Air quality problems? We have the solutions!

Airforte delivers various solutions and products for the removal of bacteria, mould, yeast, airborne particles and odours from the indoor air. This highly efficient air cleaning technology is based on an unique method of using nanotechnology and combining some of the most antiseptic air cleaning processes. Airforte was reviewed and chosen as one of the hottest Cleantech-enterprises on the globe by a prominent advisory board for the New Energy World Network in London.

These products are easy to install but most importantly; they really work – in really challenging locations too!

When using the products from Airforte, we guarantee you an odour free and clean air environment. We also contribute to the environment by saving energy, reducing pollution, removing bacteria and other harmful impurities by up to 99% from the indoor air.

The superior functionality of the technology is confirmed by several official laboratory tests that have been conducted in laboratory circumstances reflecting a real life problem location with various air flows taken into consideration.

Small wonder that Airforte are proud to claim their pioneering credentials in the field of air cleaning with solutions that really work!

Typical references for Airforte products include sewage plants, waste treatment plants, recycling plants, waste rooms, schools, offices, industrial kitchens, yachts and cruise liners; they are supported by reference sites and satisfied customers confirming the functionality of the company’s products.