Hygienic Solutions from Floor to Ceiling

floor to ceiling

Interflow UK specialise in a range of advanced and energy-efficient systems,

from ventilated ceilings and air purifiers to floor drainage and gravity grease separators for catering,food processing establishments and hospitals.

From pioneering manufacturers including GIF ActiveVent, Basika, Desinfinator and plasmaNorm, these proven products are certified to European norms and easily maintained with extended life and economic running costs.

Ventilated ceilings efficiently and quietly transform the atmosphere and open up the space to provide a less stressful working environment conducive to concentration on the task in hand. Interflow have solutions that monitor temperature and humidity control, meaning ventilation rates can be adjusted to save energy.

When it comes to floor drainage, Interflow are a specialist in separator technology with decades of experience and sophisticated modern robotic technologies.

All of Interflow’s Drainage Channels and Grease Separators are German manufactured which make for unparalleled hygienic disposal in commercial kitchens, food, drinks processing plants and hospitals – wherever hygiene is paramount.

If you are looking to specify stainless steel drainage or ceiling ventilation solutions in your next project, contact Interflow UK today for our fully inclusive service or consult us for our expert advice.