Project report – Vomp-Terfens tunnel, Tirol


For the railway line between Munich and Verona several new tunnels are constructed in the section of Kufstein-Innsbruck. FRANK GmbH delivered more than 200 large sized puddle flanges 1200mm to seal the drainage manholes.


Project data

Tunnel dimensions:
Main tunnel 8,48 km long, rescue tunnel 5,89 km, 12 crossways, 3 galleries, 3 rescue manholes with connection galleries, two- and three rails railway tunnel, costs approx. 170 million Euro.

Brenner Eisenbahn GmbH

Puddle flange:
FRANK GmbH, Mörfelden–Walldorf

Geoconsult GmbH Wals near Salzburg

Construction supervision:
Konsortialgemeinschaft Bernhard + Partner

Execution of construction work:
Arge Tunnel
Strabag, Züblin, Hochtief

The puddle flange is an invention of Frank GmbH. More than 700.000 successful applications as sealing system in waterproof concrete for decades. The excellent results of pressure tests, made by an independent institute of material testing document the sealing function of the puddle flange.
Admissible pressure difference:
from d 32 up to d 315 = 6 bar
from d 355 up to d 1400 = 1 bar