FRANK Project report – Storm water tank, Langewijk

Community Dedemsvaart, province Overijssel, Netherlands

Pict: 1: Special construction ND 2300 with pump manhole ND 1800
Langewijk1Pict. 2: parallel pipeline with PKS-pipe ND 2300

Pict. 3: PKS-Overflow manhole ND 2300

Pict. 4: Overflow bin in PKS manhole ND 2300

Project description
The existing storm water system of the community Dedemsvaart/Netherlands should be disburden by the disconnection of rain water and the construction of storage space. Therefore floods should be avoided in case of heavy rain.
As a first solution a storm water tank with a store volume of 500m³ has been built in the
area Langewijk.
The community decided, in combination with the construction company Sallandse Wegenbouw to use a PKS storm water tank made of PE 100. One important point for this decision was among other things the absolute tightness of the PKS-system, welded via electro fusion coupler, the smooth inner surface and the short construction time.

Scope of supply

  •  120 m PKS-pipes ND 2300
  •  2 pcs. PKS-Overflow manholes ND 2300
  •  1 pc. PKS-special construction ND 2300 with integrated pump manhole ND 1800
  •  3 m PKS-pipes ND 1000
  •  1 pc. Wall connector PKS-1 ND 1000
  •  2 m PKS-pipes ND 800
  •  1 pc. Wall connector PKS-1 ND 800

Services of FRANK

  •  Design of static and lifting calculation
  •  Attendance during construction
  •  Leasing of welding equipment and socket tester

Time frame
2.5 weeks for installation and welding of all pipes and manholes.