DOYMA Link-Seal® Link Chains overview

for sealing off rigid pipes

Product Galvanised Stainless steel
Link chains, version C
 Link chains, version S316

for sealing off plastic pipes

Product Galvanised Stainless steel
Link chains, version BC
 Link chains, version BS316

Installation of Link-Seal® link chains

Fitting example link chains version C

Minimum wall thickness

Module type Wall thickness
LS 200 75 mm
LS 265
LS 275
LS 300 100 mm
LS 310
LS 315
LS 325 120 mm
LS 340
LS 360
LS 400 140 mm
LS 410
LS 425
LS 440
LS 475
LS 500 150 mm
LS 525
LS 575
LS 625
LS 700


Maximum torque when sealing off steel/cast-iron pipes.

Module type Version C, S 316
LS 200 – LS 275 2 Nm
LS 300 – LS 360 8 Nm
LS 400 – LS 475 27 Nm
LS 500 – LS 575 65 Nm
LS 615 110 Nm
LS 625 – LS 700 65 Nm
Curaflex® C/2/SD/6 gasket insert installed in core bore.Please note:

  • The wall must be clean, flat and dry in the installation vicinity.
  • There may be no grooves, cracks and breakouts on the wall surface in the installation vicinity.
  • The seals and pipe services must be clean and free of damage.
  • Ensure that the pipe to be sealed off is centred and does not exert any radial forces on the sealing module.
  • The pressure plates must be evenly aligned.
  • The number of sealing modules to be fitted in accordance with the calculation program ( must be observed in all cases.


Extensive installation instructions are provided with the product.

The link chain version C is suitable for sealing off steel pipes which are fed through walls, ceilings and bases. One advantage of this sealing method is the possible retrospective installation.


Wrap a chain with appropriate number of modules around the pipe and close it using the union.


Push the link chain into the annular gap.


Position the link chain on the water side.


Tighten the link chain with a torque wrench.