DOYMA Quadro-Secura® Nova V

Quadro-Secura® Nova V

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • corrosion-free and non-conductive due to production using high-performance plastic
  • installation without torque wrench (using turn-stop system)
  • stagelesss module seal for water and electricity
  • extremely simple installation
  • low component weight
  • simple assignment of section seal using symbol identification

DVGW: DV-4541 BQ 0130SVGW: 06-025-6

Technical details
  • DVGW-certified according to VP 601: DV-4541 BQ 0130
  • SVGW-certified
  • installation in buildings with a cellar
  • resistant to methane gas
  • wet installation
  • optional installation possible according to DIN 18195
  • 100% section separation, each section is sealed separately
  • variable arrangement of the individual sections possible
  • the whole component can be freely turned according to the connection requirements relining possible when connected to jacket tubes possible to connect inflexible and flexible jacket tubes NB 75. Larger or smaller diameters possible via expansion coupling and reductions
  • all sections come with gas-tight and pressing water-tightt sealing plugs


Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

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