DOYMA Quadro-Secura® Nova 2-M

Quadro-Secura® Nova 2-M

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • for multiple allocation of various individual sections
  • corrosion-free and non-conductive due to production using high-performance plastic
  • Installation without torque wrench (using turn-stop system)
  • stagelesss module seal for water and electricity
  • extremely simple installation
  • low component weight
  • simple assignment of section seal using symbol identification

DVGW: DV-4541 BQ 0130SVGW: 06-025-6

Technical details
  • DVGW-certified according to VP 601: DV-4541 BQ 0130
  • SVGW-certified
  • installation in buildings with a cellar
  • resistant to methane gas
  • dry installation
  • optional installation possible according to DIN 18195
  • 100% section separation, each section is sealed separately
  • variable arrangement of the individual sections possible
  • the whole component can be freely turned according to the connection requirements
  • relining possible when connected to jacket tubes
  • possible to connect inflexible and flexible jacket tubes NB 75. Larger or smaller diameters possible via expansion coupling and reductions
  • all sections come with gas-tight and pressing water-tightt sealing plugs
  • suitable for double walls / prefabricated walls


Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Quadro-Secura® Service Entry Accessories

for buildings with basements
Quadro-Secura® Nova 2-M
  • multi-utility wall penetration sealing off on both sides
  • to install in preinstalled pipe sleeve or core bore in waterproof concrete (white tank)
  • for utilities: gas, water, power and telecom
  • for multiple use of different utilities
supply linesdiameter of the pipes / cables
optionalwaterexternal diameter 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm; optional external diameter 63 mm
electricity26 - 36 mm external diameter
telecomexternal diameter:
2 x 5 - 7 mm,
3 x 7 - 13 mm,
1 x 14 - 18 mm and 1 x 19 - 22 mm
core bore/pipe sleeve-Ø199 - 204 mm
wall thickness150 - 550 mm

Other dimensions on request