DOYMA Quadro-Secura® MIS 90

Quadro-Secura® MIS 90

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • facilitates simultaneous feeding of electricity or water and telecommunications
  • ideal for sealing on existing thick bitumen coating
  • tensioning and sealing using resin injection via an integrated membrane system
  • can also be used without filler in popular hollow bricks
  • short installation times
  • suitable for building restorations
Technical details
  • gas-tight and watertight up to 1 bar
  • for open construction methods
  • for the most prevalent tube and cable diameters
  • integrated blind seal
  • no additional shrinkage
  • for drill holes in the most prevalent DIN 18185-4 wall types and WU core holes “white tub”

The single building entry consists of:

  • Quadro-Secura® MIS 90
  • end caps
  • grid sheet
  • expansion Resin
  • quick tensioning device
  • selectable blind plug (see accessories)


Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Quadro-Secura® Service Entry Accessories

for buildings with basements
Quadro-Secura® MIS 90
  • single-utility wall penetration with injection system
  • use in standard wall types according to DIN 18195-4 or for core bore in waterproof concrete (white tank)
  • for cable types or water pipes
supply linesdiameter of cables / pipes
water, electricity or telecom1 x (24 - 40 mm) and 3 x (7 - 12 mm)
or 1 x (24 - 52 mm) (please specify when ordering)
core bore/pipe sleeve-Ø92 - 102 mm
wall thickness200 - 900 mm optional
900 - 1200 mm

Other dimensions on request