DOYMA Link chain Link-Seal® BC, BS316

Link chain C, S316

Product benefits

  • quicker deployment due to prefabricated system
  • robust rubber parts guarantee long service life
  • radial expansion of rubber parts guarantees permanent, pressure-tight and safe sealing of ring space
  • oil, fuel and solvent-resistant, also high-temperature resistant and versions with KTW certification are available
  • simple, even retrospective installation possible
  • for galvanised bolts: general application for normal atmosphere, water or humidity. Suitable for electrical insulation and cathodic corrosion protection
  • for stainless steel bolts: high resistance against water, against most anorganic substances (acids and alkalis) and most organic substances (e.g. acetic acid and acetone).
Technical details
  • sealing against pressing water
  • pressure plates: glass fibre-reinforced polyamide
  • rubber material: softer EPDM natural rubber in blue (EPDM 40°±5°Shore A) (LS 440: black natural rubber)
    – version BC: bolts in galvanised steel
    – version BS316: bolts in A4-70 stainless steel

For further rubber materials as nitrile, KTW/W270 or silicone pls contact us: phone: 01952 510050

Link-Seal® products are excluded from the 25-year warranty.