DOYMA Curaline® KSS cable duct system

Flexible cable duct system

Curaline® KSS

  • cable protection ducts for gas and water-tight installation of cables
  • simple connection with flange sleeves/system cabs
  • with bayonet action lock
  • possible installation as empty ducts for retrofit use
System Inside diameter
of duct [mm]
Bend radius Duct wall thickness
KSS B150 150 730 mm 7.8 mm
KSS 110 110 730 mm 5.8 mm
KSS B90 80 540 mm 5.0 mm

Curaline® KSS cable duct system

Product naming convention for KSS (example)

KSS B150/110/D/SM110/(L)

System name /
Inner width of the spiral coiled tube /
First side for example for the connection of a packing BKD 150 /
Second side for example with connection sleeve for the connection of a smooth walled pipe with an outside diameter of 110 mm /
(Total length in mm)

Curaline® KSS

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • high variability thanks to large selection of system caps and additional partition valves
  • easy to set the tube systems in concrete
  • compatible with prevalent systems
  • protects cable tubs and cables in event of earthmoving
  • easy to change cable assignment without hard earth work
Technical details
  • flexible, mechanically strong, load-bearing plastic spiral duct for conduits and cables
  • the wide range of system components ensures straightforward connection to all Curaline® systems at both ends, including flanged sleeves and core bores
  • ensures gas- and watertight connection to cable ducts and underground cables
  • compatible with existing duct systems
  • protects cable conduits and cables from ground movement
  • facilitates alterations and modifications to cable runs without costly ground works



  • KSS B150: used to connect to Curaline® BKD 150
  • KSS B90: used to connect to Curaline® BKD 90


Curaline® KSS cable duct system 2

Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

KSS sleeves

Curaline® KSS cable duct system 3

KSS-sleeve, 80 mm Ø
KSS-sleeve, 110 mm Ø
KSS-sleeve, 125 mm Ø
KSS-sleeve, 150 mm Ø
Transition joints with sleeve technique

DOYMA Curaline® KSS cable duct system

ÜMM (cable-Ø 150 mm)
ÜMM (cable-Ø 125 mm)
ÜMM (cable-Ø 110 mm)
ÜMM (cable-Ø 80 mm)
Flange sleeve / K

Curaline® KSS cable flange

KSS-M 150-K-80
KSS-M 150-K-110
KSS-M 150-K-150
System cap / D

Curaline® KSS cable system cap

KSS-M 150-D-110
KSS-M 150-D-125
KSS-M 150-D-150
KSS M 90-D-80
Cap with multiple sockets

Curaline® KSS cable duct system 5

KSS-M 150-D3-110
KSS-M 150-D7-110
KSS-M 150-D3-150
KSS M 150-D8-150
KSS-M 90-D3-80
KSS M 90-D5-80