DOYMA Curaline® Cable duct system overview

Product Combination flanged sleeve/system caps KSS duct system Gasket insert Building earthing
Curaline® BKD 150 Curaline® BKD 150
 Curaline® KD 110 Curaline® KD 110
Curaline® BKD 90 Curaline® BKD 90
Curaline® KSS< Curaline® KSS
Curaline® BKD 150/4005 Curaline® BKD 150/4005
Curaline® BKD 150/4006 Curaline® BKD 150/4006
Curaline® BKD 150/4001 Curaline® BKD 150/4001
Curaline® Vario Curaline® Vario
GE building earthing Curaline® GE building earthing

Curaline® BKD-and KD-systems

Curaline® cable duct systems comprise sleeves with flanges and various system caps. These sleeves and caps form a system which is designed for quick and easy installation and which is tight against gas and pressing water. All cable types and sizes can be readily and flexibly sealed. All edges are rounded to protect cable insulation and avoid damage as the cable is pulled through. Perfect sealing on cables and spigots -even against pressing water -is achieved by heat shrink sleeves.


With a flange on one or both ends, sleeves are set flush in the shuttering and cast in either individually or as a multiple battery. The innovative combination of expanding seal system and sleeve construction ensures a perfect bonding to the concrete. Curaline® BKD-and KD-systems are delivered to site in the length to suit wall thickness.

System caps

System caps offer a multiplicity of possibilities for sealing cables and cable ducts. Curaline® BKD system caps have a bayonet action lock to allow quick and easy installation. Curaline® KD system caps with screw thread offer the same optimum possibilities and solutions. System caps accept cables with different diameters to be ducted and sealed. Heat shrink sleeves are delivered as standard with the system. Cold shrink sleeves are available as an option.


Curaline® BKD-and KD-systems consist of PC (Polycarbonate), ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene-Polymer) and PVC-U (Polyvinylchloride), the solid rubber gasket is made of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Di-monomer).

Curaline® BKD 150/400x, cable duct system in combination with fixed and loose flange

Constructions with a high risk of ingress of water often have tanking membranes or bituminous thick-coating on the face of outside walls. For those constructions a BKD 150 cable duct is available with an additional fixed and loose flange system to allow a perfect sealing.

Curaline® KSS duct system

Curaline® KSS offers a wide range of application possibilities, e.g. gas-and watertight connection between two buildings. The system consists of a flexible, mechanically strong, load-bearing spiral duct, which is connected to the sleeve flange using either the bayonet or the screw thread system. According to requirements, the appropriate connection to the sleeve flange can be chosen from a wide range of different components.

Curaline® GE building earthing

The DOYMA Curaline® GE building earthing devices are available as sleeve, potential, insulation and retrofit grounding in rigid and flexible forms for many applications.

Curaline® Vario

A very flexible gasket insert for retrofit sealing of cables already installed. The system consists of a hinged Curaflex® gasket with a rubber core made to order.

Curaflex® gasket inserts for cable ducts

For most applications of sealing and ducting cables through walls and ceilings standard Curaflex® gasket inserts can also be used. In addition, we offer Curaflex® gasket inserts MS/C and MS/A which are exclusively designed for cables and cable ducts.

Installation of Curaline® cable ducts

Installation example Curaline® BKD 150

Curaline® BKD 150

Please note:

  • The wall must be clean, level and dry in the installation area.
  • There may be no grooves, cracks or breakouts on the wall surface in the installation area.
  • The seals and pipe surfaces must be clean and free of damage.
  • Only remove protective film before cable laying. If necessary, slightly heat the protective film.
  • Avoid soiling and damage to the bayonet fixtures.
  • Before installation, ensure that the system cover O-ring is greased.
  • Ensure that the service lines to be sealed off our appropriately fixed and that there are no radial forces acting on the sealing system.


DOYMA products are continuously being further developed, technical changes will take place without previous notification.

Extensive installation instructions are provided with the product.

Curaline® BKD 150 is a system for sealing off cables which are fed through walls or ceilings from outside a building. The maximum cable diameter is 108 mm.

Installation of this cable duct is split into 2 stages, installation of the flange sleeve during the shell construction phase and subsequent installation of the system cap.

Installing the flange sleeve


Position the seal packing in the shuttering and fix it.


Ensure that concrete in the vicinity of the seal packing is well-compacted.

Connect the system cap.


Peel off the protective film.


Dismantle the blank cover using the articulated spanner.


Fit the appropriate system cover using the face spanner.


Feed the service lines through.


Shrink the shrink-on sleeves onto the service lines using a hot air device.