DOYMA Curaflex® pipe sleeve 4006

DOYMA Curaflex® pipe sleeve 4006

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • the inside face of the sleeve provides an optimum contact surface for the elastomer of the Curaflex® gasket insert
  • watertight bond with the concrete because the coefficient of expansion of the material corresponds to that of concrete
  • corrosion-free and asbestos-free; dimensionally stable and resistant special fibre cement with tightly attached fixed and loose flange made of cast iron

Leak Test: MPA NRW

Technical details
  • with fixed and loose flange made of cast iron according to DIN 18195
  • gas-tight with optional coating of the pipe sleeve inside
  • depending on the tanking membranes arranged on both sides packings 1775 (with thin and hard membranes) or accessories for thick-coating
  • can be used in conjunction with all Curaflex® gasket inserts



  • asbestos-free special fibre cement pipe sleeve with bonded cast iron fixed flange and a loose flange made of cast iron



  • Curaflex® 1701 (formwork fastener)
  • Curaflex® 1702 (protection cap)
  • Curaflex® 1745 (Disboxid 444 coating)
  • Curaflex® 1775 (set of 2 packings)
  • Curaflex® 1776 (accessories for bituminous thick-coating)
  • Curaflex® 1777/6 (hole punch for 1-2 installations, for thick-coating)
  • Curaflex® 1778/6 (hole punch for multiple installations, for thick-coating)


Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Against pressing water
  • opening for penetrations
  • for buildings yet to be constructed
  • for buildings with tanking membranes or applications with bituminous thick-coating (black tank)
  • with fixed and loose flange
Pipe/Cable external diameter d [mm]Pipe sleeve internal diameter D1[NB in mm]Fixed flange D5 [mm]Standard lengths L1 [mm]
1 - 4080440






41 - 57100460
58 - 77125480
78 - 104150510
105 - 145200560
146 - 190250610
191 - 233300660


Further sizes, other materials and tailor-made specials available on request.