DOYMA Curaflex Nova® Senso Gasket insert

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • with ITL system for optimal contact pressure – installation without special tool
  • with STS for caring sealing, therefore ideal for flexible preinsulated plastic pipes and flexible cable protection pipes
  • simple installation due to precise dimensions
  • permanently sealed without re-tensioning (maintenance free)
  • high sealing capability in terms of the gasket insert due to DPS and DOYMA-Grip
Technical details
  • gas-tight
  • accepts angular deviations of service duct up to 8°
  • 45 mm seal width
  • NB 150 for pipes with ext. dia. 75, 90 mm
  • NB 200 for pipes with ext. dia 110, 125, 140, 160 mm
The gasket insert consists of:
  • blue frame rings made out of high-performance plastic, elastomer and seal rings, 45 mm wide, made out of EPDM (DOYMA-Grip) with DPS
  • DDE (DOYMA Diameter Extension) modules in black and orange
  • ITL (Integrated Torque Limiter) nuts
  • STS (Soft Tight System): for caring sealing
  • screws made of stainless steel



  • 4 stabilising lugs with screws
  • Curaflex® 1710/1715 (Aquagard primer and special paint)
  • Curaflex® 1745 (Disboxid 444 coating)


Installation instructions

Gasket insert via the line into the annular space slide.

Position the gasket insert on water side.

The nuts (SW 10) alternately cross each a few turns at several intervals (note Figure 4). Tighten until shearing off the upper nut.

Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Against pressing and non-pressing water
  • sealing system for penetrations
  • to install in preinstalled pipe sleeve or core bore in waterproof concrete (white tank)
  • suitable for flexible pipes
NB (in mm) core bore/sleeve NB from - to [mm] AD pipe d [mm] for pipe outer diameter from - to [mm]
150 149-153 75 74-76
90 89-91
200 199-203 110 109-111
125 124-126
140 139-141
160 159-161
Further sizes, other materials and tailor-made specials available on request.