DOYMA Curaflex Nova® Multi Gasket insert

DOYMA Curaflex Nova® Multi Gasket insert is a single gasket solution for sealing a multiplicity of service diameters.

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • with ITL system for optimal contact pressure – installation without special tool
  • with DDE, modular gasket insert, thereby high variability
  • reversible adjustability to the media line
  • simple installation due to precise dimensions, large sealing ranges
  • permanently sealed without re-tensioning (maintenance free)
  • blind plug integrated, subsequent configuration possible and easy
  • high sealing capability in terms of the gasket insert due to DPS and DOYMA-Grip
Technical details
  • gas-tight
  • accepts angular deviations of service duct up to 8°
  • accepts axial movements
  • 45 mm seal width
  • NB 100 sealing from 20 – 63 mm
  • NB 200 sealing from 108 – 160 mm
The gasket insert consists of:
  • blue frame rings made out of high-performance plastic, elastomer and seal rings, 45 mm wide, made out of EPDM (DOYMA-Grip) with DPS
  • DDE (DOYMA Diameter Extension) modules in black and orange
  • ITL (Integrated Torque Limiter) nuts
  • screws made of stainless steel



  • 4 stabilising lugs with screws
  • Curaflex® 1710/1715 (Aquagard primer and special paint)
  • Curaflex® 1745 (Disboxid 444 coating)


Installation instructions

Measure diameter of pipe and core bore/sleeve.

The DDE system allows selection of the correct sealing module according to service diameter.

Slide the gasket along the service into the annular space and position it at the wet side. Tighten opposite nuts (SW 10) in several stages (3 steps min) – note Figure 4. Tighten until the end nut element shears off.

Detailed and illustrated installation instructions are enclosed with each product delivery.

Against pressing and non-pressing water
  • sealing system for penetrations
  • to install in preinstalled pipe sleeve or core bore in waterproof concrete (white tank)
  • high variability
Curaflex Nova® Multi NB 100
NB (in mm) core bore/sleeve NB from - to [mm] pipe/cable diameter from - to [mm] color of modules
100 99 - 104 blind plug orange
20-25 black
28 - 35 orange
40-45 black
46-52 orange
57-63 black
Curaflex Nova® Multi NB 200
NB (in mm) core bore/sleeve NB from - to [mm] pipe/cable diameter from - to [mm] color of modules
200 199 - 203 blind plug orange
108-112 black
113-118 orange
124-128 black
131-135 orange
139-144 black
156-160 orange
Further sizes, other materials and tailor-made specials available on request.