DOYMA Curaflex® gasket insert MS/A

DOYMA Curaflex® gasket insert MS/A

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • no relevant mechanical forces are exerted on the line thanks to the shrink technology
  • ideal for, amongst other things, corrugated pipes or medium voltage cables for which the lines may/can not be subjected to any mechanical forces (thin-walled “ribs” or similar)
  • simple installation due to precise dimensions, large sealing ranges
  • permanently sealed without re-tensioning (maintenance free)
  • higher sealing performance of the gasket insert due to DPS* and DOYMA-Grip
  • system component, without steps or divisions
  • ring with watertight welded bolts
Technical details
  • gas-tight
  • single sealing ‘blind’
  • with shrink technology
The gasket insert consists of:
  • frame rings:
    asymmetrically profiled steel rings (DPS*), electro-galvanised, yellow passivated and sealant coated; optionally made of stainless steel grade 304 (1.4301) or grade 316 (1.4571/1.4404)
  • heat shrink hose (standard)
  • jacket tube PEHD
  • elastomer:
    27 mm EPDM seal ring (DOYMA-Grip), optionally EPDM-POD (for potable water), NBR (fuel/oil-resistant) or silicon (resistant to high temperatures) or FPM (chemical resistant)

* DPS up to NB 350



  • Curaflex® 1710/1715 (Aquagard primer and special paint)
  • Curaflex® 1745 (Disboxid 444 coating)


Installation as shown above.

Tighten nuts diagonally opposite nuts.
Please observe max. torque values.

Heat shrinking


Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Nuts Socket spanner Max. torque value
M 5 8 3 Nm
M 6 10 8 Nm
M 8 13 12 Nm
M 10 17 25 Nm
Against non-pressing water
  • sealing system for penetrations
  • to install in preinstalled pipe sleeve or core bore in waterproof concrete (white tank)
  • with heat shrink sleeve
  • suitable for cable protection pipes
Pipe/Cable external
diameter d [mm]
Pipe sleeve/core
bore D1 [NB in mm]
20 - 50100
40 - 50125
40 - 95150
64 - 147200
64 - 150250
90 - 204300
205 - 280400
LD= max. overall length: 55 mm


Further sizes, other materials and tailor-made specials available on request.