DOYMA Curaflex® combination 3101

DOYMA Curaflex® combination 31017

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • simple installation with accurately fitting combination of gasket insert and pipe sleeve
  • permanently sealed without re-torquing (maintenance-free)
  • greater sealing performance of the gasket insert with DPS* and DOYMA-Grip
  • system component, without cuts or divisions, with waterproof welded studs
  • optimal connection with fibre cement flange as bonding flange for the onsite installation of thick-coating (KMB)
  • dimensionally stable and resistant special fibre cement
  • homogeneous connection to concrete

Leak Test: TUV NordLeak Test: MPA NRWHelium Test: Infraserv

Technical details
  • gas-tight with optional coating of the pipe sleeve inside and front surface
  • accepts angular deviations of service duct up to 8°
  • accepts axial movements
  • for all conventional synthetically modified bituminous coating and thick-coatings


The combination consists of:

  • Curaflex® gasket insert A with DPS*, single sealing at one end
  • Curaflex® pipe sleeve 3001

* DPS up to NB 350



  • Curaflex® 1701 (formwork fastener)
  • Curaflex® 1702 (protection cap)
  • Curaflex® 1745 (Disboxid 444 coating)


Installation as shown above

Tighten nuts diagonally opposite nuts. Please observe max. torque values
Nuts Ø Socket spanner Max. torque value
M 5 8 3 Nm
M 6 10 8 Nm
M 8 13 12 Nm
M 10 17 25 Nm
M 12 19 30 Nm

Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.