DOYMA Curaflam® Rollit, Curaflam® Rollit LAR (non-flammable)

Curaflam® Curaflam® Rollit, Curaflam® Rollit LAR

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • safety due to R 90 fire safety regulations
  • streamlined in ceiling penetration
  • inspected sound insulation
  • easy-to-assemble

IBMB: P-3581/515/09

2 Use as per R 90 Test Certificate, P-3581/515/09-MPA-BS for cast iron pipes with branches
  • for cast iron / SML pipes up to OD ≤ 135 mm – even using conventional connectors
  • material requirement always 1 layer around the pipe
  • zero clearance between the Rollit seals is possible
  • branches 50 mm above the ceiling are possible
  • from the upper edge of the ceiling, insulate 300 mm long with mineral wool (mineral wool A; melting point > 1000°C; apparent density > 40 kg/m³)
  • the Curaflam® Rollit winding tape must span the entire ceiling height.
  • attachment with aluminium adhesive tape
  • ceiling thickness of at least 150 mm for ceilings made from concrete; porous concrete

Please always seal remaining annulus or large openings with at least MG II or MG III mortar. We recommend Curaflam® MörtelPro.