DOYMA Curaflam® MörtelPro

Curaflam® MörtelPro

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • high application volume – 15 kg bucket produces approx. 10 litres of wet grout
  • thanks to the high stability, easy application in hard-toreach places and large openings
  • due to fine consistency, easy application with low wear-and tear of grout pump
  • early smoothing possible due to binding properties and stability
  • grout to provide firestops and seals for wall and ceiling openings
  • grouting of fire doors, ventilation hatches and installation channels
  • firestop for flammable pipes connected with fire protection collars and tapes
  • firestop for non-flammable pipes with flammable insulation in connection with fire protection bandages
  • firestop for non-flammable pipes with non-flammable sectional insulation (e.g. Rockwool systems, Isover systems, etc.)
  • firestop for flammable, non-flammable pipes and electrical cables in line with the LAR
Gap seal for fire protection systems
Curaflam®  MörtelPro
  • simple fire protection seal for wall / ceiling openings
  • manual and pump-operated application

Volume: Bucket with 15 kg of Curaflam® grout