DOYMA Curaflam® KonfixPro

Curaflam® KonfixPro

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • Flexibly adjustable
  • For all conventional plastic pipes
  • PE sound insulation hose possible in opening
  • Low-lying branch (floor-level shower possible)
  • Verified zero clearances to other systems
  • approx. 80 % time saving during assembly in comparison
  • with other systems
  • only 2 sizes: – NB 50 and – NB 70 to NB 100

DIBt: Z-19.17-2074


For ceiling seals of SML sewage pipes with an intersection to plastic connecting pipes as per the inspection specifications in the DiBt Newsletter 02/2012 “Metal pipes with Connections to Plastic pipes”.

  • prevention of noise transmission in the ceiling penetration using PE sound insulation strips ≤ 5 mm or Curaflam® Rollit
  • from SML pipe (cast branch line) to NB 150 with branch / intersection of NB 50 to NB 100
  • assembly of Curaflam® KonfixPro to conventional Konfix connectors at the SML branch for connected plastic disposal pipes up to NB 100.
  • licensed plastic sewage pipes (up to NB 100)
    – Geberit db20, Geberit Silent PP,
    – Wavin AS, Wavin Sitech,
    – Rehau Raupiano plus,
    – Polokal NG, Polokal 3S,
    – Ostendorf Skolan DB
    – Friatec Friaphon, Friatec dBlue
    – PVC, PE-HD
    – Etc.
Assembly of the member
  • in the ceiling with a thickness of at least 150 mm
  • fix the SML pipe (branch pipe) with grout into the ceiling thickness (PE sound insulation strips up to a 5 mm thickness possible)
  • adapt KonfixPro to size if necessary and fix with the supplied clamp to the SML pipe / component using the Konfix connector.
  • rear cladding of the SML installation at least 9.5 mm thick gypsum plasterboard or similar facing

Curaflam® KonfixPro is licensed by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) in accordance with Z-19.17-2074.

Please see the certification for more details.

Firestop for mixed-material installations
Curaflam® KonfixPro
  • hinged fire protection seal
  • licensed for Konfix connectors
  • quick and easy installation
Curaflam® KonfixPro cast pipe plastic pipe
NB nominal size branch nominal size* branch external diameter* (mm) rnal diameter** (mm)
50 50 58 ≤ 56
100 70 78 ≤ 75
80 83 ≤ 90
100 110 ≤ 110

*) Dimension as per DIN EN 877
**) Pay attention to the field of use for Konfix connectors