DOYMA Curaflam® A + B BSHB, Curaflam® A + B BSHN

Curaflam® A + B BSHB

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • combination of sealing and firestop system
  • for visible areas, e.g. cleanrooms, hospitals, etc. Fire protection integrated fully into the wall / ceiling
  • many flammable / non-flammable pipe materials are possible

DIBt: Z-19.17-324IBMB: P-3024/0148

  • pipe penetration with fire protection R 90 / R 120
  • for flammable pipes Curaflam® A+B BSHB
    – Licensed up to OD 180 mm
  • for non-flammable pipes Curaflam® A+B BSHN
    – Licensed up to OD 325 mm
  • gas-proof and water pressure-tight
This firestop consists of
  • 1 Curaflex® sealing insert A and 1 B with DPS*
  • 1 fire protection pack

*DPS up to KB/NB 350

Notes: For non-flammable pipe, insulate on both sides with thickness of 80 mm, length 700 mm, density 80 kg/m3.

For wall thicknesses > 400 mm, 2 fire protection packs will be required.

License / test certificate

The penetration is licensed for flammable pipes (Z-19.17-324) by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) and checked for nonflammable pipes (P-3024/0148).

Please see the license or test certification for more details.