Curaline® BKD 150/4001/K(2)

Curaline® BKD 150/4001/K(2)

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • rapid and simple installation (with bayonet connection) through precise-fit, matching combinations of system cover and permanently bonded seal packing with gluing flange made of cast iron.
  • high variability through large selection of system caps and additional spreader caps
  • no reworking required
Technical details
  • gas-tight
  • for installation in walls or ceilings with bonding flange made of cast iron
  • for buildings with tanking membranes or with bituminous thickcoating
  • suitable for cables 7 – 108 mm diameter
  • suitable to connect cable ducts ≤ 160 mm diameter
  • cables are sealed to system cap spigots using heat shrink sleeves as standard
  • compatible with existing duct systems
  • materials are ecologically friendly and highly resistant against chemicals
  • other variations, e.g. during renovation works in front of wall, are possible in combination with Curaflex® panels (technical specifications required)


Curaline® BKD 150/4001/K(2) with bonding flange consists of:

  • flange sleeve (K = one-sided connection and K2 = two-sided connection), and depending on the requirement:
  • bonding flange against non-pressing water


Delivery, the seal packings are fitted with a pressing water-proof blind cover

Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.


Combination flange sleeve / system cap
  • sealing system for penetrations
  • for buildings yet to be constructed
  • for buildings with tanking membranes or applications with bituminous thick-coating (black tank)
  • with bayonet action lock
  • suitable for cables and cable protection pipes
  • against non-pressing water
Curaline® BKD 150/4005/K2

Curaline® BKD 150/4001/K2 as double flange sleeve

Cable ext. diameter d [mm]Pipe sleeve internal diameter D1 [NB in mm]Fixed flange diameter D5 [mm]Standard length L [mm]
according to system cap150345200 - 500