Curaflex® 7006/M/S

Curaflex® 7006/M/S

DOYMA 25 Years Guarantee

Product benefits

  • sealing on the face of wall (nature of the hole/wall opening is not relevant)
  • suitable for penetrations without a suitable core bore or pipe sleeve
  • the inside face of the sleeve provides an optimum contact surface for the elastomer of the Curaflex® gasket insert
Technical details
  • with fixed and loose flange made of steel (loose flange split) according to DIN 18 195
  • dimensions and number of sleeves according to the specifications and in consideration of DIN 18 195
  • for buildings with tanking membranes/thick-coating (black tank)
  • gas-tight
  • can be used in conjunction with all Curaflex® gasket inserts
  • depending on the tanking membranes arranged on both sides packings 1775 (with thin and hard membranes) and accessories for thick-coating
  • other variations, e.g., with descenders, additional flanges, in combination with Curaline® BKD. We are also happy to produce the against non-pressing water variation for you.


Example of use:

  • Suitable as pipe sleeve for sealing the flow and return of district heating pipes.



  • electro-galvanised, yellow passivated and sealant coated, optionally made of stainless steel grade 304 (1.4301) or grade 316 (1.4571/1.4404)
  • with thick-coating made of ggv, contact surfaces sanded


Detailed installation instructions enclosed with the product.

Variant Curaflex® pipe sleeve 7006/M/T/S:
split version. For installations with existing pipeline in the wall; to be able to retrospectively mount the pipes.

Against pressing water
Curaflex® 7006/M/S
  • multi flange plate with fixed and loose flange
  • for installation on the face of walls
  • for buildings with tanking membranes or applications with bituminous thick-coating (black tank)
  • suitable for reconstruction
  • for several/multilines
diameter of sealing pipes/cables d [mm]
inner diameter of pipe sleeve D1 [DN in mm]
dimensions/edge length of fixed flange D5b x D5h [mm]
length of steel pipe sleeve L2 (standard 110 mm)
exact dimensions of the pipe/cable axis Ay
centre distances between the pipes / cables Aa
distances to other elements Ax
class of tanking membrane/bituminous coating -