City of Glasgow College



Drain pipes with FRANK puddle flanges prior to concrete pour.


Opening: 2015 – 16

Design team:
Reiach & Hall Architects
Michael Laird Architects
Hulley & Kirkwood

Main Contractor:
Sir Robert McAlpine

Groundworks Contractor:
The Dunne Group

Interflow product:
FRANK puddle flanges

The new £228m City of Glasgow College will consolidate the existing estate of 11 buildings on 8 sites to two campuses sited on Cathedral Street and Thistle Street in the centre of Glasgow when it is completed in 2016.

Architects Reiach & Hall and Michael Laird combined their formidable creative skills and design ingenuity to realise this 57,000sq/m centre of excellence occupying 11 storeys for the conjoined schools of nautical studies, engineering and energy together with halls of residence for over 40,000 students and staff on the banks of the river Clyde.

Interflow supplied over 400 EPDM puddle flanges for 125mm and 150mm NB plastic and 375mm NB concrete drain pipes to groundworks contractor Dunne Group.

Site Engineer Frank Markey said he was delighted to find the whole quantity of puddle flanges available ex stock, which meant the ground crew could crack on with no delays and, being even easier to fit with the help of the Easy-Lock clamp, they made really good progress.


FRANK puddle flanges seal any type of pipe material and are guaranteed watertight up to 100 m head of water. The standard EPDM polymer is chemically resistant against a wide range of acids and bases; it also offers excellent weather and ozone resistance. NBR polymer is available for resistance to hydrocarbons and a radon-tight version is available to protect against this naturally occurring radioactive gas.

FRANK puddle flanges for all conventional pipe diameters up to 315 OD are available ex stock and seals for pipes up to 3.2 m dia and beyond are either ex stock or available within 2-3 days of order.