DOYMA Curaflex® combinations general overview

DOYMA sealing systems are composed of two components which perfectly fit together: Curaflex® gasket and Curaflex® pipe sleeves

DOYMA CuraInn® Service Ducts

Whenever services need to be neatly passed through walls or core bores, we have an appropriate service duct. The products … Continue reading DOYMA CuraInn® Service Ducts

DOYMA Curaline® Cable duct system overview

Curaline® cable duct systems comprise sleeves with flanges and various system caps. These sleeves and caps form a system which is designed for quick and easy installation and which is tight against gas and pressing water.

Konex Compensating Wall Penetration Seal

Type-WGCK, patented for retrofit doweling. Seal for accommodating large radial and axial pipe movements up to +/- 25 mm, leak proof against pressing water up to 0,5 bar