Aero 1000

Airforte Aero 1000 BM

Designed to remove mould, bacteria, pollen, dust, spores and particles.
The unique Aero 1000 BM module has been specifically designed to ensure the efficient removal of local mould and bacteria problems.

Airforte Aero 1000 OD

Aero 1000 OD for removal of H2S (the killer gas), NH3, CH4 and odours.

Airforte Aero 1100 OD

Airforte Aero 1100 OD for removal of H2S (the killer gas), NH3, CH4 and odours

Airforte Aero 700

Aero 700 – designed to remove pollen, microparticles, dust, bacteria and mould.

AeroPro 800

Airforte Aero Pro 800

Uniquely enables heat recovery in various locations, where heat recovery was previously impossible to achieve.

Airforte Slim Line Degreaser

Based on the demand and the need on the market, we hereby introduce our next generation model of our Degreaser Unit. The new model is a result of an intensive R&D, and it offers a user friendly technology which suits versatile installations.


plasmaNorm aereus®

High efficiency recirculating air cleaner for removal of smells and offensive odours; reduces energy costs, sterilises the air and removes germs.

aereus arco

plasmaNorm aereus® arco

Energy-saving air purifier for effective ventilation of internal spaces, elimination of smoke and smells, reduces heating costs, sterilises and sanitises the air you breathe.


plasmaNorm hydroSorp

Active high-capacity sorption separator for aerosols and small droplets, based on hydro compounds, emulsions and other particulates. For exhaust air from thermal food processing etc. Acts as a pre-filter for activated carbon etc.


plasmaNorm plasmaNorm

Plasma chemical process with atmospheric Plasma (DBD) for gas cleansing, exhaust Technology air treatment of molecular, chemical and biological pollutants, and removal of odours by an activated carbon filter.


plasmaNorm smoKiller

The most powerful weapon against smoke and odours. High-efficiency air cleaner for smoking rooms and cigar lounges