Buckingham Palace, Royal Kitchens

buckingham palace

Client: The Crown Estates
Architect: John Simpson and Partners
Contractor: NG Bailey
Value: £65,000


This prestigious project formed part of a significant refurbishment phase to the services area within the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace. The kitchens were entirely redesigned to include the potential for a ventilated stainless steel ceiling solution. Interflow UK Ltd were invited by John Simpson and Partners to submit a detailed specification, to compare with considered alternatives. Interflow were required to submit a full design specification, including air flow volumes to maintain an ambient temperature and a specific requirement was the temperature control and protection of an adjacent Art Gallery above the kitchen area.


Interflow submitted a full design specification for a completely integrated wall-to-wall GIF Hidria ventilated ceiling solution, incorporating a fully flush lighting system. Interflow calculated ambient air temperature volumes to account for meal preparations in excess of four thousand covers at any one time, whilst providing a bespoke insulation solution at ceiling level. This ensured the secure protection of Art Gallery areas from heat and moisture. The Interflow design also overcame the issue of not obscuring the historical column heads within the kitchen area. Interflow incorporated varying cassette types within the ceiling design which controlled the temperature exactly, whilst ensuring any polluted air was captured on a vast scale.

Why Interflow Were Used:

Interflow were chosen for a number of reasons. The Crown Estates were able to view, inspect and analyse the same solution already installed in The Palace of Westminster kitchens, where the system had a track record of success. The installation was installed within the Royal Kitchens at a height whereby scaffolding is not required to remove the ceiling cassettes for cleaning and maintenance purposes, nor is it a requirement to stand on any surfaces to reach the celling for cleaning. Inerflow were also chosen as they provide a complete design, installation and maintenance package.

“We chose Interflow’s GIF Hidria ventilated ceiling solution for The Royal Kitchens as they had a proven system that completely satisfied our exacting requirements for the project. We also chose Interflow because they installed the system whilst producing a very detailed specification for the project.”
Ken Winch (Project Foodservices Consultant) Grantham Winch Associates