Basika Grease Separators

Interflow are proud to announce that we are now featured stockists and distributors of Basika grease separators & interceptors. Grease Separators make the perfect solution for hygienic disposal within major commercial kitchens.



BASIKA rho terra


BASIKA fas mobil/fix BASIKA

BASIKA Praktika

BASIKA Accessories

Approved by the German Institute of Engineering (DIBt), Basika grease separators lead the way in hygienic disposal within the food processing, leisure and marine sectors.

The installation of Basika separators prevents blockages and their associated health hazards, also saving operators the costs of clearing such blockages. These floor drainage channels provide the hardest wearing, most hygienic solution for capturing waste and spills.

We have a range of Grease Interceptors to suit a variety of applications and we can advise on the most appropriate solution for your specific requirements.

Our grease separator services include:

  • The installation of grease and starch separators in various materials including stainless steel and HDPE.

Our grease interceptors include:

  • Separator systems
  • Praktika

To find out more about the range of Grease separators & Interceptors we have to offer contact us today!