Airforte Slim Line Degreaser

Slim line degreaser – the next generation model

Based on the demand and the need on the market, we hereby introduce our next generation model of our Degreaser Unit. The new model is a result of an intensive R&D, and it offers a user friendly technology which suits versatile installations.


The Degreaser Unit has been designed to reduce the binding of fat molecules on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen canopy. Thanks to the UV-Light and ozone used in the Degreaser Unit, the fat molecules are successfully split into shorter fat molecule chains, and a part of them are broken down into carbon dioxide and water. This ensures that the grease molecules will no longer stick onto surfaces, and instead, simply exit without the outgoing airflow. Additionally, the UV-Light and the ozone also enable the removal of both odours, and the smell of cooking.

As the ozone reacts quickly and breaks down, and then goes out with out going airflow, it is of no danger to the people working in the kitchen.

During the Degreaser Unit cleaning process, OH-radicals are also created. These are actually one of the most antiseptic agents known to nature, and they succeed in breaking down organic molecules in a very efficient manner. They are very short lived, an they immediately react with the impurities, therefore they don’t represent any danger to human beings.

Many benefits:

  • A massive reduction of grease build up (External laboratory results have confirmed by up to 87%!)
  • Noticeable maintenance cost savings due longer intervals in the cleaning of air ducts, kitchen canopies and filters
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Improved level of hygiene
  • Removal of both odours and the smell of cooking
  • Reduction of pressure drop in the duct (less grease in the duct)
  • Low energy consumption


  • Separate small unit in the canopy
  • Control electronics outside
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • CE marked
  • Made in Finland
Technical Specifications:
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz Power 60 W