Airforte Aero 1000 OD

Aero 1000 OD for removal of H2S (the killer gas), NH3, CH4 and odours

The Aero 1000 OD is designed for removal of odours and harmful gasses at the source or within the exhaust air. As a result of reducing the h3S gas at a location, corrosion is also reduced significantly. Using the system in indoor locations results in a healthier environment for the workers. When the odour / gas emission is reduced at the source, the result is the exhaust air is also much cleaner.

Aero 1000 OD can be installed directly into the exhaust airflow as well. This is usually done to prevent harmful gasses / odours entering the environment.

The units can also be installed and combined together with other odour removal technologies such as active carbon filters, for example. This combined solution offers additional benefits such as less carbon needed and longer maintenancefree periods (the reactive gas created by the Aero 1000 OD has a regenerative effect on the carbon).

Typical Locations/References:
Mould locations
Sewage water plants
Garbage rooms
Factories etc.


To work most efficiently, the Aero 1000 module should be installed close to the source of the problem – we suggest either on the wall or ceiling.

Some Benefits:

  • No harmful waste created
  • Very low operating costs:
    • Minimal annual maintenance requirements
    • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to install, regardless of whether installation is in existing or new buildings
  • A continuous 24/7 disinfection of the location

How it works

Air passing through the UV-light is charged with a massive amount of negative ions. Additional ions are created by ioniser cassettes. Together with a small concentration of ozone, these ions produce extremely reactive hydroxyl radicals. The process begins with oxygen molecules being negatively charged in a photochemical reaction and receiving a free electron to form superoxide anions.
The formed superoxide anions react further with humidity producing oxygen, perhydroxyl radicals and hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals oxidize organic molecules.
Additionally, due to the UV-light reaction, hydroxyl anions (OH-) and hydroxyl radicals are created, which are both very antiseptic.

Technical Specifications:

  AERO 1000 OD
Dimentions 275 x 400 x 1065 mm
Operation temperature +5 - +50 °C
Weight 28 kg
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 200 W
Air flow 328 m3/h

Over heating fuse
Lightweight sheet metal structure