Airforte Aero 1000 BM

Designed to remove mould, bacteria, pollen, dust, spores and particles

The unique Aero 1000 BM module has been specifically designed to ensure the efficient removal of local mould and bacteria problems.

To work effectively, all that is required is for the stand alone Aero 1000 BM module to be installed close to the source of the problem. From there, the mould or bacteria will be removed in a very short time following installation (normally between just 24-48 hours).

Typical locations/references:
Sport stadiums
Dressing Rooms
Pet Clinics

How you will benefit:


  • No harmful waste created, no ozone used
  • Very low operating costs:
    • Minimal annual maintenance requirements
    • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to install, regardless of whether installation is in existing or new buildings
  • Continuous 24/7 disinfection of the location


To work most efficiently, the AERO 1000BM module should be installed close to the source of the problem – we suggest, either on the wall or ceiling.

Airforte table

Aero 1000
Technical Specifications:
Dimentions 275 x 400 x 975 mm
Operation temperature +5 - +50 °C
Weight 23 kg
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 114 W

Power level Air flow (m3/h) Sound level (dB)
1 40 32
2 64 39
3 96 45
4 129 49
5 168 51

CE marked with fuse protection and a durable metal structure.